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The Team

We take a hands-on view when it comes to the properties we build


FONTIJN on Newhaven has been developed and built by the Dewvest Group, in conjunction with GLC Development. The Dewvest Group is a property development company based in Stellenbosch that identifies, creates and manages larger residential real estate investments. Not your average developer, we take a unique, long term, hands-on view when it comes to the properties we build.

Bertus de Waal, who heads up the FONTIJN on Newhaven development team, is deeply passionate about creating communities through residential property developments. He believes in creating residential spaces that over the longer term allows for the natural growth of connected, intergenerational communities.



FONTIJN on Newhaven’s private equity co-investors take the same long-term view that we hold, not intending to sell for a quick profit, but rather staying the course that’s required to create a residential development that enables high quality, secure, community-focused living.


GLC Development,  the contractor responsible for the construction of the site, is also a major investor in the property itself and have a vested interested in creating a building of lasting quality.